Anti-crises advice, identifying current business needs and challenges affecting competitiveness

Anti-crisis advice implies a range of measures to stabilize the position of the company, solve variety ofproblems and significantly increase business efficiency.

The main objective of anti-crisis advice is to preserve or restore solvency, conduct financial stabilization procedures in the pre-judicial period for enterprises of various types of ownership showing signs of insolvency and bankruptcy; develop a strategy to prevent crisis situations and their recurrence in the future.

REC experts will:

  • Develop a new program of economic activity
  • Develop a strategy that will allowbusiness to recover from crisis
  • Optimize the structure of the company
  • Create activities related to payment discipline
  • Develop debt collection and payment strategy
  • Prepare the enterprise for bankruptcy
  • In case of legal proceedings, represent the enterprise in court

Creation and implementation of crisis response strategies helpcompanies achieve great results, maintain competitiveness, promote and improve their business.