Writing business plans/feasibility studies/investment memoranda for SMB investment projects

A business plan is a document that covers all characteristics of the future organization, analyzes and predicts possible challenges and risks, and develops ways to avoid them. Business plans are written to validate ideas and ascertain the efficient use of money.

Feasibility Study is an assessment of the practicalityof a proposed product or service. It includes analysis of the costs and results of a certain project and allows investors to determine whether it is worth investing in the project.

Investment memorandum is a document for external use, demonstrating investment attractiveness of a certain project for potential investors and creditors that allows investors to analyze all most obvious risks. Investment memorandum focuses on describing the business idea, the business model and the company itselfit.

REC experts will help you write a good business plan, as well as justify the feasibility of creating a product or service to potential creditors, thus helping you anticipate possible risks and financial lossesat the start of the business.