Conducting a rapid assessment of technological readiness index

Technological readiness index is an indicator that is calculatedusing a special toolkit. It shows the level of enterprise readiness for innovation, introduction and developmentof innovative technologies and productionmodernization.

The main objectives of technological readiness indexrapid assessment:

  • Determine the level of technological readiness of the enterprise (enterprise potential evaluation) to develop, modernize and introduce innovations
  • Identify action required to improve the technological readiness of the enterprise with a view to its participation in regional SMB development programs
  • Identify other non-financial types of support that the enterprise may require, including production and technology advice, introducing innovations; staff development; market research to modify production; networking with counterparties etc

Rapid assessment of technological readiness provides objective data including data on organization of production of SMB entities, claiming support under SMB support programs; expert suggestions on current measures to support the SMB entities; modernization projects development for SMB entities, showing high readiness for development and implementation of innovations.